Gearbox Tuning & Remapping

Improve the performance from your cars gearbox from Turner Performance  – The gearbox tuning experts


Gearbox Tuning & Performance

Tuning your gearbox can be a service we provide either on its own or as part of an engine remap and performance service to improve the performance of your car and overall driving experience.

With more manufacturers using similar automatic gearbox designs and then just changing the way that they map them it’s not surpriseing that you aren’t always getting the best performance or configuration from your gearbox. Our gearbox tuning service will help you get the most of your car’s engine performance and possibly improve your cars fuel economy. Simple changes such as altering which gear your car is in at certain rev ranges can make a huge impact on the enjoyment of driving your car.

We are specialists in Custom Remaping both Engine ECU’s and Gearbox TCU’s

We are able to get the best out of your vehicle by tuning Both control units to match each other. The TCU is often the limiting factor in the performance of many vehicles, so tuning or recalibrating the TCU can release the power in many vehicles as well as changing the feel of the vehicle. Call us and tell us what you want from your vehicle and we will do our best to give you what you want.

Our Transmission Control Unit remapping is available for most common TCU’s including TCU’s controling ZF Gearboxes and DSG gearboxes.

TCU Information.

Why Turners?

At Turners we can optimise and remap your cars gearbox and engine ECU’s to get the most performance from your specific cars engine and gearbox. We want to give your car the maximum power possible, which is why we fine tune our maps on our rolling road. Don’t just settle for a standard car remap, get a professional car remap fine tuned on a rolling road from Turners. Based in Hemel Hempstead, Hertfordshire we are here for all your car tuning, remapping and performance needs.


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