Ford DSP6 Powershift Transmission

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Ford DSP6 Powershift Transmission

PowerShift 6 Speed Transmission is designed to provide the feel and efficiency of a manual transmission with the easy driving of an automatic. The PowerShift transmission automatically engages the next gear in anticipation of the shift, providing seamless shifting. It also has neutral idling, which disengages the transmission when sitting at idle, and helps to maximise fuel efficiency.

Because the PowerShift 6 Speed Transmission operates similarly to a manual transmission, you may notice some characteristics that provide a unique driving experience from the automatic transmission you may be used to:

When you take your foot off the accelerator pedal and the vehicle begins to slow down you may perceive a light to medium braking sensation as the transmissions makes adjustments.
During the break in period, the transmission may shift quicker or harder.  This will smooth out after a short period of time.
You may hear mechanical noises when driving.
You may feel a difference when pulling away from a stop.
Some vehicles may also be equipped with Select Shift, which allows you to manually shift gears by selecting the plus and minus buttons on your vehicle’s toggle switch when the vehicle is in the Sport Mode (S on the shift column).

DSP6 Powershift Remaps

We are able to Custom Remap the Ford DSP6 Powershift Transmission providing the exactly what you ou customer want from this sophisticated but clever transmission. If you know what you want, great we can do that, if not we will ask a few simple questions and create a starting point calibration just for you which we can change and tweak if needed.

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