About Turner Performance

Improve your cars performance with a gearbox and engine remap, fine tuned on our rolling road

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About Turner Performance

We are a family owned and run Specialist Diagnostics,  Vehicle Electronics And Engine Tuning or Remapping business with experience going back to the 1970’s, Operating from a spacious 3000 square foot workshop in Apsley, Hemel Hempstead, Hertfordshire with free parking for visiting customers. We work on a wide range of cars and have the tools and knowledge to work on most makes and models.

As car performance specialists we help you get the most out of your car!

Remapping and Tuning

We have been tuning cars for over 30 years and with our in-house Rolling Road or Dyno are able to Remap and tune anything from a 1930’s Vauxhall to a 2017 Audi S3 TFSI Quatro, in fact we were one of the first companies in the UK to Remap this model, and even the very latest from Land Rover Velar, if you want Increased Performance, increased fuel Economy or a Balance somewhere between the two then we can help. In Addition it is possible to have before and after Power Runs to see what has changed. We can also help with performance upgrades taking standard models from Stage 1 to Stage 2, Stage 3 and beyond. Check out our Remapping and Tuning Menu above for more information.

All the latest Hardware & Software

We have all the Latest Master equipment which allows us to Remap or Tune the very latest vehicles such as VAG MG1,  This means that we can safely read and write the very latest vehicles  and tune or Remap the files that many companies cant. We are often asked to tune vehicles that only have delivery mileage on them as they have just be bought and come straight from the dealers.

Custom Remapping for Modified Vehicles

We can Remap modified vehicles, for example those fitted with upgraded parts like Decat, Hybrid Turbo’s, Intercooler Upgrades, cold air intake systems and similar performance modifications, we can supply and fit a wide range of performance parts from a large range of suppliers.


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