Software Updates and Remapping

Software Updates and Remapping – Make sure your car is up to date!


Software Updates and Remapping

Vehicle Manufacturer Software Updates are Very different to remapping, chip tuning and tuning. Software Updates are improvements that are developed as bug-fixes and improvements that have been developed by the vehicle manufacturer to improve the reliability and safe running of vehicles and often result in power and torque increases. Software Updates are a bit like Windows or Mac operating systems and the ecu specific updates like application updates which are regularly downloaded onto laptops, mobile phones and tablets for example.

2020 is the year that vehicle manufacturers are intending on rolling out software updates over-the-air, but we are not there yet.

So its down to the workshop that services and maintains your car to perform these updates, unfortunately the Vast Majority of independent garages don’t have the ability to carry out these updates and most Main Dealers in our experience don’t bother to carry out most updates routinely.

We have the same Diagnostic Equipment and the Franchised Dealers for most vehicle manufacturers and therefore can and do carry out software updates on a daily basis on our customers cars.

Remapping & Tuning

We also have the experience, equipment and more than 45 years experience in tuning vehicles by modifying the dealer installed software. Obviously tuning the latest vehciel manufactrers software will likely give a better performing and running vehicle than the software that was installed in the factory. This applies to Engine Ecu’s and Transmission Ecu’s or TCU’s

We have a huge range of hardware and software which is being constantly being updated and developed which allows us to remap and tune ecu’s via the OBD socket or directly onto the ecu connector in most vehicles, this avoids the need to open the ecu and risk any damage that can happen when opening a sealed ecu. Even TCU or Transmission Control Units can now be tuned via the OBD socket or directly to the electrical connector on the TCU or mechatronic unit.


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