Classic Car and Crypton Tuning

Improve the running and performance of your classic car at Turner Performance


Classic Car Crypton Tuning

We have been Repairing and Tuning what are now called Classic cars for over 45 Years, so many of the cars we now work on were new cars back then. We continue to have cars from the 1930’s to current models in our workshop almost every day of the week.

We are usually contacted by new customers based upon personal recommendation, Our new customers often bring their cars to us to have those silly niggling faults fixed that “all the experts” have failed to resolve in the past. Many also come to have their cars tuned and to have an assessment on the way the car is running.

We have been working on both standard or original cars through to modified vehicles that have been fitted with Engine Management systems and fuel injection, some even have Superchargers fitted, which were not a standard fitting on those models.

We are well known for tuning everything from a simple Classic Mini through to a Multi Carburettor or Fuel Injected Aston Martin DB V8, we see VW Beetles, TR4, TR5, TR6, TR7, TR8, MGB GT V8, TVR Chimera, Ford Mustang, AC Cobra, 1935 MG Supercharged, VW Camper Van, and just about every model ever produced.

We tune with our fully working Period Correct Crypton Motorscope Tuner and also provide bespoke and custom tuning on our in-house 4 wheel Rolling Road Dynamometer


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