Turbocharger Upgrades and Tuning

Turbocharger Upgrades and Tuning – The Turbo Updrade Specialists


Turbocharger Upgrades and Tuning

We have been working on turbo and supercharged vehicles for more years than I care to remember, from a 1935 MG that had a supercharger installed then custom tuned by us to the very latest high performance petrol and diesel vehicles

We have received training from the Worlds Leading Turbo Manufacturers including Garrett, we also have bags of experience.

If you are looking for a replacement or Hybrid turbo and you are talking to a company that cant supply the correct Compressor Map and Exhaust Flow Chart then walk away – see “Choosing a Turbo Supplier” info below if you want to know why.

So if you are wanting to upgrade the supercharger or turbocharger on your vehicle or want to supercharge or turbo a vehicle that is naturally aspirated (non-turbo) we can help, we have the experience and direct access to information that is restricted to specialists by the manufacturer.

Proven Turbocharger Upgrades

We supply top quality, proven Turbochargers which we have the Compressor Maps for, see below for the information that a Turbo Map provides and you will see why this is such an important document.

We can accurately, using calculations and the manufacturers specification sheets and Compressor Maps supply, fit and tune your engine to produce the power and torque that you require, we can at the same time make you aware of any limitations such as Lag and Boost Limits that are relevant to the choice of turbocharger.

Choosing a Turbo Supplier

We get a constant stream of enquiries from customers and potential customers who have been recommended to contact us for advice or to tune their vehicles, often they have bought a Hybrid or Custom Turbo and had the vehicles mapped to suit but are not happy with the results. This can be simply due to the generic remap but it is more often that they have unwittingly bought a Hybrid Turbo of unknown characteristics.

There are two important things to note when looking for a replacement turbo if its simply a replacement or a turbo upgrade, these are both basically information. The information you need is a copy of the Compressor Map and the Exhaust Flow Chart, these provide essential information that allows information on both ends of the turbo, the hot or turbine and the cold or compressor ends.

Exhaust Flow Chart

The exhaust flow chart provides the most useful info, called A/R, the Lower the A/R the quicker the spool but with limited Boost, the Higher the A/R the more power but at the expense of spool speed.  I should add that on most Turbos the A/R is normally marked on the Turbine (Hot) end of the turbocharger, its that important that the manufacturer doesent want it to be missed.

Compressor Map

Next the Compressor Map which shows the sweet spot in the compressors range (its the “island in the middle” of the Map below) and allows you to see the efficiency of the compressor on an X-Y graph. The vertical axis (marked Pressure Ratio) is the boost pressure, the Horizontal Axis (marked Corrected Air Flow) is the quantity of air coming out of the compressor. With this information it is relatively simple to determine the characteristics required to achieve the BHP and Torque outputs that you the customer want based upon things such as the capacity of the engine and the engine speed that you want to achieve peak figures at. As you can probably see now the stuff that is important is Inside the Turbo, the outside of a quick spooling turbo for a 1.4 litre engine can be exactly the same as a laggy turbo for a high revving Race Engine. The Compressor Map is what tells you which is which.

We Can Help You Choose a Turbo to Meet Your Requirements

If all that the above said is too complicated and you would like some professional advise for selecting a Turbo, give us a call, email or message us on social media and we will help you with pleasure.

Sample Turbo Data showing Compressor Map, Exhaust Flow Chart and A/R information below.


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