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More Performance From Your Car?

Are you looking for improved performance from your car? Modern day cars are all controlled by computers called ECU’s, which are constantly processing information received from a multitude of sensors around your car. The engine’s fuelling, ignition timing, turbo boost (if applicable) and multiple other systems are all being controlled by the map on your car. When your car left the factory it was released with a standard map built to tollerances not your specific car, so it’s far from perfect. Did you know the difference between many car models is just a different map? We understand that it’s frustrating to know that your car is capable of so much more, it just needs to be unleashed!

Fuel Savings – Improved MPG

The other benefit our customers see from a car remap is an improvement in their cars fuel consumption. With the extra torque we can provide you – especially at the bottom of the rev range, you will see a fuel saving and an improvement in MPG. You will see this because with the extra power your car now has you will require less throttle to maintain speed, obviously if you drive with a heavy foot enjoying your extra performance the MPG increase will be less noticable.

Classic Car Tuning

Do own a classic car? Do you think the engin is running a little rough, or noticed a few flat spots? Or maybe something isn’t running just quite right. If you are having any issues with your classic car then Turners are here to help you with all your engine tuning problems. Having worked on classic cars for over 45 years we understand how having your pride and joy not running right can be frustrating. We are here to fix all your problems and get your car running as it should.

We tune with our fully working Period Correct Crypton Motorscope Tuner and can also provide bespoke and custom tuning on our in-house 4 wheel Rolling Road Dynamometer

Why Turners?

At Turners we can optimise and remap your cars gearbox and engine ECU’s to get the most performance from your specific cars engine and gearbox. We want to give your car the maximum power possible, which is why we fine tune our maps on our rolling road. Don’t just settle for a standard car remap, get a professional car remap fine tuned on a rolling road from Turners. Based in Hemel Hempstead, Hertfordshire we are here for all your car tuning, remapping and performance needs.


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“Porsche Boxster 986 3.2s ….I am over the moon with these guys. Lots more Torque and Hp….Goes like a dream. So confident now.

They are the best in the business! I can’t praise them enough. They will give you the best advice ever and do the best job that you’ve ever had.”

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