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Dyno Spectrum DS1

Set your Audi free with Tuning on your Mobile

Dyno Spectrum DS1

The world’s first real time tuning on the MED17
with flex fuel, map switching,
super high speed datalogging,
custom tuning.

We have been appointed as UK Dealers for Dyno Spectrum for their DS1 Series of Products.

The DS1 allows customers to tune their own Audi of supported models to remap their own car using a simple selection process such as Stage 1, Stage 2 etc. It also allows Pro Tuners such as ourselves to add extra features and calibrations and significantly Live Tuning on our Rolling Road Dyno.

So you can buy DS1 HERE or contact us for additional options as your tuning progresses – it always does when DS1 makes things this easy.

You can buy Dyno Spectrum DS1 from us and tune your own car with the pre-built tuning setups, have a go at creating your own unique tune or get us to help with getting just what you want from your car.

As you will have seen from the rest of this website we have well over 40 years of experience tuning cars, not combined but that’s just one of our staff. We have our own 4×4 Rolling Road Dyno and are tuning cars for customers all over the world every day.

Whatever you want from your car and the DS1 we can help you.

Email us with your enquiries and we will do our best to help you get exactly what you want from your car.

For help and advice or to enquire about Custom Tuning for DS1 or TCU Tuning please email us at tuning@turnerperformance.co.uk If you would like us to help you with DS1 or any faults or problems then please email your current OTS or tuned file and DS2 Log files to ds1@turnerperformance.co.uk


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