Piezo Injector Testing and Cleaning

Common Faults

The biggest problem with Piezo injectors is failure of the Piezo Crystals, this results in intermittent spray or no spray at all, next comes dirt and contamination which affects both the spray pattern, finally the injectors can leak meaning that fuel is constantly entering the cylinder. We can test Piezo Injectors to manufacturers specifications and spray patterns and also ultrasonically clean the injectors stopping leaks and restoring performance and spray patterns.

No need to buy cheap or fake injectors now that we can restore these injectors to fully working condition in most cases, if they cant be restored to working condition we can usually supply genuine parts at attractive prices.

The cost for cleaning and testing is £40.00 each plus VAT and carriage if required.

These injectors can be difficult to remove due to the temperatures they reach, we have special tools and Hydraulic pullers that allow us to remove injectors quickly and usually without damage.

Don't Refit Injectors without New Teflon Seals

Remember like GDI Injectors the Teflon Seals are a one-fit item and replacement Teflon Seals need special tools to fit, we fit new seals and filters where available and needed.