Rolling Road Dyno Tuning for Classic Cars

See the performance of your classic car with a power run on our dyno


Rolling Road Dyno Tuning for Classic Cars

We have been using our Rolling Road Dyno for tuning Classic and Performance cars for many years.

It should be remembered that the Rolling Road or Dyno is mainly for checking the power output of vehicles at various load and speed points and power runs, to check the Torque and BHP of a vehicle.

We get lots of customers contact us because their classic or historic car is not running correctly, this is where out 45 years experience and our Crypton Tuner (as well as lots of modern equipment such as smoke testers and Wideband o2 sensors come into their own to help us determine the cause of the problem. Once fixed we can then run the car on our very latest Rolling Road Dyno.

So if your classic, historic or performance car is not running right give us a call and we will use the most appropriate equipment to solve the problem for you.

If you want more power or torque (or even economy) out of your car, then again give us a call and we will carry out power runs on our Dyno to determent the current torque and BHP and offer advice based upon your requirements or expectations to achieve what you want from your car, within your budget.


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