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BMW Mi40i 3.0 

This BMW M140i came to us for the software calibrations or remaps to the engine ecu and the gearbox tcu

The car has had a custom cold air intake system, sports catalytic converter and a full performance cat-back exhaust fitted by the owner.

This stunning car is fitted with the very latest Bosch MG1CS003 ecu, which  means that we are one of a very small number of companies can Custom Remap, with the addition of the  ZF 8HP Gearbox leaves us in an almost unique position in the UK at the time of tuning this vehicle.

We carried out a Stage 2 remap and a Stage 3 xHP gearbox Remap

The Stage 3 xHP remap provides the following improvements to the gearbox

  • Added Gear Display in D-Mode
  • Removed Torque Limiters. Please read our blog-post at www.xhpflashtool.com why this is extremely important for tuned vehicles.
  • Raised Line-Pressure mapping for high-input torque
  • Less Torque Reduction during Sport+ shifting. Less boost loss under WOT
  • Reconfigured DEC Logic, with similar logic as in M-Cars (access to more shifting-modes)
  • Faster&harder shifting in M/Sport+, absolutely instant paddle response
  • Very Strong blips on downshifts in M/Sport+ and S/Sport+
  • Improved, more spontaneous Double-Downshifts (for example from 6th to 3rd gear or even 8th to 2nd gear)
  • Automatic Shift-Mode upscaling under WOT (Trans chooses fastest shift mode on full throttle)
  • Recalibrated Shift-Points in D Mode to improve throttle response
  • No automatic upshifting in M/Sport+ setting
  • DTC and DSC OFF activate the fastest shifting mode
  • Launch Control improved
  • Retains full ECO - Mode functionality including Coasting
  Original Modified Difference
Power 335 bhp 455 bhp +120 bhp
Torque 500 Nm 672 Nm +172 Nm



Audi Q7 S Line FSI Quattro A

This 2009 4.2 litre BTR has covered about 120,000 miles but is still driving nicely and in line with the manufacturers original specifications

  Original Modified Difference
Power 326 bhp 380 bhp +54 bhp
Torque 760 Nm 880 Nm +120 Nm

The results make a remarkable difference to the way the car drives, the extra torque making acceleration smooth and swift, there should be a worthwhile increase in MPG too. There was a nice increase in power between 1,800 and 2,600 rpm too, the slight hesitation that was always there at that point has now gone.


BMW 530 GT

This 3.0 litre diesel GT came to us for a Custom Stage 1 Remap with a Stage 2 xHP Gearbox Remap

The results are impressive, what you don't see from the figures is the completely different feel of the vehicle and the huge difference in acceleration because of the gearbox remap.

The xHP Stage 2 Remap brings the following improvements to the gearbox

  • Torque Limiter removed
  • Gear Display in all modes
  • Quicker, yet still comfortable shifts in D/Comfort
  • Revised, more Driver-Oriented Shift-Points in D/Comfort
  • Raised Launch-Control Shiftpoints for Tuned Cars
  • DTC and DSC-OFF modes no longer revert to Comfort-Shifting, but activate the fastest Shift-Speeds and  the transmission won't upshift at redline in Manual. This is perfect for playing around with your car.
  • Retains full ECO-Pro functional
  Original Modified Difference
Power 245 bhp 300 bhp +55 bhp
Torque 540 Nm 620 Nm +80 Nm



Land Rover Defender 110

We continue to receive vehicles and sometimes ecu's by post for our well respected TD5 Engine Remaps for both the Land Rover Defender and Land Rover Discovery 2.

This TD5 had no modifications and so was a Stage 1 Remap, with modifications such as

  • Larger Intercooler
  • Uprated Hybrid Turbo
  • Sports Exhaust

The possibilities can be up to 250 bhp+


  Original Modified Difference
Power 122 bhp 158 bhp +36 bhp
Torque 300 Nm 365 Nm +65 Nm


Range Rover Supercharged 5.0

This superb Vogue Supercharged 5.0 came to us for our Ultimate Supercharged Package.

This is a maintenance and tuning package all in one. There are no hardware modifications except for the supercharger pulley, further modifications are possible that could increase performance further.

It includes the following

  • Software updates to engine ecu and other control units as required
  • Our Ultimate Custom Remap
  • Supercharger pulley upgrade, 10% smaller
  • Supercharger check and service including oil change
  • Replacement Spark Plugs
  • Gearbox Megaflush, Oil Transfer and Torque Converter anti-judder additive
  • Transfer box oil change
  • Front and Rear Differential check up and oil change.
  • Gearbox - ZF 6HP26 remap - in development - coming soon
  Original Modified Difference
Power 510 bhp 605 bhp +95 bhp
Torque 625 Nm 700 Nm +75 Nm


SL350 AMG 

This  beautiful 3.5 litre Petrol AMG Sport Auto came to have a Stage 1 remap as their friend had  recommended us following the remap that we did on his E-Class 63 S AMG

In addition to the obvious increases in peak outputs the engine was transformed by the smooth delivery of power from idle right the way up to the rev limiter, no more hesitation around the 2000 rpm area.

  Original Modified Difference
Power 328 bhp 400 bhp +72 bhp
Torque 479 Nm 573 Nm +94 Nm


Audi S3 Quattro S-A

Another of these rapid Audi have come to us on the recommendation of another of our customers.

This vehicle uses the popular Temic DQ200-MQB gearbox which we have also remapped and increased the torque limit that was holding back the engine from reaching the torque that a Stage 1 tune provides, yet another example where a Gearbox Remap is needed to enable the power that the engine and gearbox are able to support.

The owner could not believe the difference our Custom Stage 1 remap and DQ200 Gearbox remap gave, increased engine speed before gear changes with faster gear changes helped to reduce the 0-60 and 0-100 times as well as making the vehicle much more responsive. 

Just like our Custom Remaps, all our in-house (non xHP) Gearbox or TCU remaps are Custom Remaps

  Original Modified Difference
Power 295 bhp 365 bhp +70 bhp
Torque 380 Nm 480 Nm +100 Nm