Range Rover Supercharged 5.0

This superb Vogue Supercharged 5.0 came to us for our Ultimate Supercharged Package.

This is a maintenance and tuning package all in one. There are no hardware modifications except for the supercharger pully, further modifications are possible that could increase performance further.

It includes the following

  • Software updates to engine ecu and other control units as required
  • Our Ultimate Custom Remap
  • Supercharger pulley upgrade, 10% smaller
  • Supercharger check and service including oil change
  • Replacement Spark Plugs
  • Gearbox Megaflush, Oil Transfer and Torque Converter anti-judder additive
  • Transfer box oil change
  • Front and Rear Differential check up and oil change.
  • Gearbox - ZF 6HP26 remap - in development - coming soon
  Original Modified Difference
Power 510 bhp 605 bhp 95 bhp
Torque 625 Nm 700 Nm 75 Nm