Petrol Engine Custom Remaping

45 Years Tuning Expertise

Any remapper or calibration specialist will tell you that remapping diesel or TDI vehicles is relatively easy, the really tricky vehicles are petrol engines, they are far more sensitive, and generally have more data that needs to be monitored, they also tend to produce less power and torque than similar size and age vehicles.

We have been tuning petrol engines for over 45 years and can tune classic cars using carburettors right through to the very latest GDI & Piezo injected supercharged and turbocharged high performance vehicles.

We have technicians that have been trained by Garrett the world leading turbo manufactures in addition to ASNU injector testing and calibration equipment as well as Genuine Dealer Diagnostics and approval from the Car Manufacturers to use these specialist tool that allow us to monitor, diagnose and log live data at a level that other tuners can only dream of. When it comes equipment we really do have the best of the best & we know how to use it with our vast experience.

We can advise upon, recommend, supply and fit performance tuning parts from some of the worlds leading companies, often our customers bring their cars to us for a check over and maybe a Dyno Run on our Custom Built 4x4 Dyno prior to discussing what they want from their cars and we can advise and recommend the way forward. This enables our customers to get exactly what they want from their vehicles. 

Getting the best out of petrol engined vehicles can require performance upgrades, custom remap for the Engine Ecu and gearbox or TCU Ecu.

We are seeing an increasing number of GDI & Piezo injected vehicles that are not making stock figures due to owners not noticing the slow decline in performance over time and we can test and clean the injectors to restore performance, sometimes these same vehicles are also being held back by carbon build up on the back of the intake valves, we can also clean these hard deposits off with our Walnut Blasting Equipment.

Whatever you are after we can help you to get there. 

Call us to discuss your vehicle or to arrange a vehicle check on 01442  601029