Dyno Remap on our 4x4 Rolling Road

We are able to remap most cars on our Rolling Road Dyno, this specialist skill is charged on an hourly rate and typically takes 4 - 8 hours depending on the vehicle. It is not needed for most cars as we have already developed calibrations which allow us to create a Custom Remap and carry out before and after dyno runs on most vehicles. This more in-depth tuning is typically completed when our customers want to get the absolute maximum out of there cars and normally with extensive modifications, although it can be done wiht completely standard cars.

A full Dyno Remap starts with a logged power run on our Dyno to give us a starting point for further calibration. We then download the maps from your ecu and the magic begins, based upon your requirements. We then upload the tuned file and carry out further runs on our Dyno while logging the live data on the vehicle to see how the vehicle is responding. This continues until we have created a full remap that meets the requirements of each customer.

Once our calibration, logging and dyno runs are complete we carry out a final power run to give the final data for the calibration.

In the Vehicle pictured we carried out a Dyno Remap and also a gearbox remap on the DQ250 gearbox, the data are as below

  Original    After Remap - Stage 1
BHP    300 bhp     378 bhp
Torque 380 NM 502 NM


Obviously the data above do not show the dramatic increase in acceleration and experience that the Gearbox or DSG Remap made to the vehicle, the Gearbox Remap also allowed the extra Torque and bhp that were "held back" by the gearbox torque limits.

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