Diesel Engine Custom Remaps

Over 20 years Diesel Tuning Experience

Like most Custom Calibrators we have years of tuning experience and can tune the increasingly complex modern high performance TDI or Turbocharged Diesel Engines based upon proven techniques and really building upon the calibrations that the ecu and vehicle manufacturers have already created, We are not reinventing the wheel, just improving what is already there and enabling the power and torque that our customers want.

From High Performance VW, Audi, Mercedes, BMW and Ford to Modern Pickups like the Revere London Nissan Navara shown here, did we mention that we are the tuners of choice for Revere London Navara vehicles and have custom remapped most of them, we can meet the needs of all makes and models of Performance Diesel vehicle owners.

Diesel engines are constantly developing and becoming more efficient and powerful, we can ease more from them quite easily without hardware modifications, however if you really own a turbo diesel vehicle and want to get double or more power and torque from the engine you will need to carry out some upgrades, these can include Hybrid Turbos, Intercooler, Intake, Decat, and lots more options to achieve what you want, we can help and advise you on how to get what you want out of your vehicle as well as a Custom Remap to achieve the calibration needed to get all these modifications to deliver the power you are after.

Custom Remaps

All our remaps are custom they are all carried out on the files that we download from your vehicle and carried out by our own calibration engineers. Because our remaps are custom we can tune to give exactly what you want, all out power, an economy remap or a combination of the two, we can also on an increasing number of vehicles offer TCU or gearbox remaps on ZF and DSG gearboxes in particular, THU remaps can really alter the feel of the car and can again be modified to suit your driving style, even to the extent of offering different standard and sport mode calibrations.

Do You Want More than Stage 1?

If you want to take your Diesel engined vehicle beyond Stage 1 to 2 or 3 we can offer our considerable expertise, ask how many other tuners have Garrett qualified Turbocharger Certified staff on board, for example, many of our customers come to us as they have an idea what they want to achieve with their car but don't have the expertise to know how to get there, that's where we come in, we have the knowledge and the customer facing skills to bring you up to speed without getting over technical. Call us tell us what you want and we will help you get there without blinding you in science or bull.

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