Unleash the power in your Engine and Gearbox

We have over 45 years tuning experience  and the ability to tune Engine and Gearbox ECU's for almost any vehicle

Custom Tuning and Remapping Specialists

Using the very best Calibration Software available, including WinOLS, ECM Titanium, TunerPro RT, Map 3D and many other best of the best software and logging tools, we Custom Tune a huge range of vehicles, This means we tune your vehicle to meet your expectations and the vehicle condition an uses, So if you want a Performance Remap, An ECO Remap or a best of both we can give you what you want and only tune the files that we download from your car, we don't use databases or generic tuning files, Ever.

Engine and Gearbox Remapping

Did you know that most Automatic and DSG Gearboxes can be remapped by experts like ourselves to produce a winning combination that cant be reached by Engine Remapping Alone. As Custom Remappers we are able to give your the car you always wanted, with Optimum Power, Fast Gear Changes, Smooth Upshifting and Downshifting, Torque Optimised and Timed to perfection. Call us to see what we can do for your car.

All the latest Hardware & Software

We have all the Latest Master equipment which allows us to Remap or Tune the very latest vehicles such as VAG MG1,  This means that we can safely read and write the very latest vehicles  and tune or Remap the files that many companies cant. We are often asked to tune vehicles that only have delivery mileage on them as they have just be bought and come straight from the dealers.

Custom Remapping for Modified Vehicles

We can Remap modified vehicles, for example those fitted with upgraded parts like Decat, Hybrid Turbo's, Intercooler Upgrades, cold air intake systems and similar performance modifications, we can supply and fit a wide range of performance parts from a large range of suppliers.

Partnerships with Leading Experts

We have partners worldwide that have specialities in certain control units or vehicles and can supply Calibrations from many of them Including Alive Tuning, Bevo Tuning, EDS Motorsport and xHP Pro as just an example of some of our partners. We have our own 4 wheel DimSport Rolling Road Dyno and are currently in the final stages of updating the control system and software with the very latest SportDevices SP6 AWD DAQ to our 4x4 Dimsport Dyno, this will give us All Wheel Drive capabilities and the use of lots of complementary systems that will all be linked into the Dyno with connection to our networked computer control systems and allows greater monitoring and accuracy.